Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Drop Into The Pacific

Bans on plastic shopping bags.

Bans on cokes in vending machines.

Bans on pets.

Bans on whole bagels.

On top of all of the ruinous taxation, endless streams of bums, and earthquakes.

So, tell me again...why on Earth would any sane individual choose to live in San Francisco?

Friday, July 2, 2010

(Still) So Much For Hulu

I've had a few struggles in the past with trying to use my network-connected PS3 to view Hulu-hosted videos. When I first bought my PS3, I could use the built-in web browser to connect to Hulu and watch videos. But shortly thereafter, Hulu decided to explicitly block the PS3 as a web client.

Now they've announced Hulu Plus, which will (at some future point) bring the entire Hulu library (including more shows than are available in the standard Hulu) to non-PC devices, like the iPhone and the PS3.

This will only cost you....$10/month.
Oh, and on the PS3, you will apparently also need to subscribe to the Playstation Network Plus, which runs another $50/year. So, tack on about $175 a year or so.

Now...Terry White asks "Will you pay for content that once was free?"

For many tech-heads, that's the wrong question. The question is: "Will you pay for content that is still free, and at a higher-quality, and without advertisements?"

Because that's still the competition for me - these shows are in enough places on-line that this kind of deal just doesn't offer enough in convenience/quality/whatever to make it competitive. No Hulu plus for me.