Friday, November 9, 2007

Actors vs. Doers

Remember the Dell Dude? He's apparently now between acting gigs and, understanding that some publicity is better than no publicity, has popped up in the news working as a bartender. Newsworthy? Well, at least he wasn't busted running drugs or (shudder) working in porn.

More interesting is the fate of child actor Charles Korsmo. Who? Well, he played the kid in Dick Tracy, Hook and What About Bob?, where Bill Murray taught him to dive after Richard Dreyfus failed (I'd rather have Murray for a father, anyway). Hook was quite a long time ago, though - what happened since then?

Well, according to IMDb, he stopped acting, and went on to:
  • graduate from M.I.T. with a degree in physics
  • get a law degree from Yale
  • work for a while on the Missile Defense Project, and
  • currently work as a Deputy Domestic Policy Analyst for the House Republicans
Too bad he couldn't be out there making a real difference - like some other actors.

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