Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fantasy Football: Super Bowl Week

Wow, I'm really limping across the yearly finish line in terms of posting. Far too busy to do much, but I have at least started watching Battle Creek Brawl, my next Jackie Chan film. And of course, I've got the Super Bowl to prepare for!

The Money League Super Bowl, that is - where the difference between victory and defeat can be just a few yards - and $72. Which is the difference in the payout to 1st and 2nd place.

I did actually win this thing my first year playing, and have come close a couple of times since then. But this year, this team has been so dominant all season, if they don't close it out with a win, I'll be very disappointed.

Last week's semis were just another example - another 170-point-plus performance (I think we've only had two or three scores that high the whole season, and I had two of them). Just as Jay Cutler was the man on this team at the start of the season, so has Andre Johnson been the man at the end. 207 yards receiving, 1 TD, and 42 fantasy points. He's the number one receiver (although Larry Fitzgerald isn't far behind), but I also have Wes Welker (WR #9) and Santana Moss (WR #12). Not bad for a 12-team PPR league.

Oh, and Andre is playing against Oakland this week, a below-average defense. The only problem I may have here is Houston getting out to too big of a lead, and switching over to the run.

Somewhat amazingly, Thomas Jones is currently RB #2 in the league, with Marshawn Lynch a slight disappointment at RB #13. Tony Gonzalez is TE #1 and it's not even close - he's averaging 4 points per game better than the next closest TE, Dallas Clark. And even if it was mostly front-loaded, Jay Cutler is still QB #4 - not bad for a seventh-rounder.

My opponent comes in on the strength of running backs Matt Forte (RB #1), Michael Turner (RB #7) and Clinton Portis (RB #12), and Antonio Gates (TE #) and Roddy White (WR #4) are respectable. But depth is a problem, with Vincent Jackson (WR #22) and Tyler Thigpen (QB #15) rounding out his main starters.

So I'm pretty optimistic heading into the Super Bowl. Yeah, it's only $124 profit if I win it all, but of course the main goal is the coveted virtual trophy and the bragging rights.

No wait - it's the money.

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