Monday, February 8, 2010

More Stuff I Now Know

Some things I found out today:
  1. Looks like now that I am with UVerse instead of Time Warner Cable/Earthlink, I now have access to for streaming video. I'll have to see if this is accessible on my TV (presumably by streaming through my PS3, as I doubt there is direct access from the Bravia TV itself. Yet.). At any rate - cool. More stuff to watch.
  2. I also get access to AT&T Wifi hotspots, which is good for my iPod touch.
  3. In dealing with the Hulu-blocking-PS3-access issue, it looks like some people were having success getting around this by using a proxy server to change the User-Agent HTTP header to mimic a standard Windows browser. More recent messages seem to indicate that a new block has been put up that stops even this. My guess - they are now querying the Flash run-time for user-agent info, and Flash isn't going through the proxy server. So I won't even try to get that up and running yet. Why does Hulu hate this path so much?

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