Thursday, February 3, 2011

Technology At The Speed Of Government

I got a message on one of my bloglists that the hearing to decide one of the last remaining races from the 2010 elections, for Texas House District 48, was going to be streaming on-line. This is a local race here in Austin, featuring Republican Dan Neil trying to overcome a 12-vote margin against Donna Howard. As usual for Democrat races, military ballots are at issue.

I was pretty surprised to see that there would be streaming for a relatively small sub-committee, so I headed over to the page to see what was there. I was even more surprised to see this:

The RealPlayer or RealOne Player software from Real Networks is required to access video/audio broadcasts.

There's someone in the world still using RealPlayer? I didn't even know it still existed, but I guess it still does. With all the drama over embedded video standards in HTML5, I'll have to admit I haven't heard anybody wondering (or caring) if .ram files would be supported.

State Government - rocking the Internet like it's 1998!

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