Friday, June 8, 2007

Our Own Little Slice Of Al

Yesterday, I saw this notice in the Austin Comical, err, Chronicle:

The mayor trained with Al Gore last January to present the slide show on which An Inconvenient Truth is based, and you can join him today at one of two presentations based on what he learned. He'll talk not only about the global impacts of climate change but also about Austin's role in confronting the challenges.

I couldn't find a direct link to the notice, but it can be found on the Chronicle's event page for June 10.

Now today, we find out what really rises when the global warming activists come into play - taxes. Mayor Gore, err, Wynn is proposing spending $1.2 million to produce Austin's plan to deal with global warming.

And, by the way, the city is forecasting a budget deficit. Which they will solve by raising property taxes.

Granted, Will Wynn still has a way to go to catch up to that paragon of genius, Gus "Giant Cloud Of Smoke" Garcia, but over the last couple of weeks, he's rising up the charts. Fast.

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