Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Fistful Of Brandons

Held my first fantasy football draft today, on ESPN. This is my first free throwaway team - the main money league drafts tomorrow evening. I'm not actually looking forward to it, since I'm drafting in the 14-spot out of 16 teams. Not an ideal spot.

I didn't realize it until afterwards, but somehow for this team I managed to draft three players named Brandon: Giants RB Brandon Jacobs, Packers RB Brandon Jackson, and Titans WR Brandon Jones. I wish I knew anything about these guys.

And God help me - I drafted Randy Moss. And my quarterback is Jon Kitna. (So I took a late flyer on Calvin Johnson - maybe they can form a nice QB-WR pair for me later in the year.) This could be a scary team.

Just eyeballing the other teams, I'd have to rank this team in the top four, so I should squeak into the playoffs, but it'll probably be close.

QB Jon Kitnam, Brett Favre
RB Brian Westbrook, Brandon Jacobs, Julius Jones, Brandon Jackson, Chris Brown
WR Steve Smith, Lee Evans, Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson, Brandon Jones
TE Antonio Gates, Owen Daniels
DT Chargers
PK Olindo Mare

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