Sunday, March 16, 2008

Movie Review: China Strike Force

Ugh. Strictly a bargain-bin Chinese action film (although with English dialog). It's all pretty standard stuff - the older crime lord being usurped by his son who wants to get into drug sales, the rap star (in this case, Coolio playing a gansta character named, umm, Coolio) as the American side of the drug deal, the occasional skimpily-dressed women, and the two generic cop buddies. Maybe they're famous guys in China, but in this film, they're zeroes. Otherwise, we have an uninteresting story, lousy comedy, and only a couple of mildly interesting action sequences - an open-wheel racer and a Lamborghini chase each other under some eighteen-wheelers, and a closing fight on a plate of glass suspended in the air. Most fights contain poorly disguised wirework and stuntwork,leading to some pretty unbelievable (and not in the good way) shots.

Pretty much every scene with Coolio in it is an embarassment (they all start with Coolio saying "I could get used to this shit" and end with his dropping some racial slurs) , and pretty much every scene with the cops is a bore. One star.

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