Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Random Radio Thoughts

When Erin Hogan left KVET-AM in the morning, I knew there would be some problems. Erin and Bucky had a good thing going on their morning sports show - the fact that they were able to do a five-hour drive-time show and keep it full most days shows that they were good at the game. But Erin was the "radio" guy, and Bucky just couldn't keep the thing going by himself. So he was going to need a new full-time radio partner.

But the decision to pair him up with KVET-FM's Bob Cole seems like a mismatch. I haven't been listening religiously to the new show, partly because I'm just not a fan of Cole, period. But today's introduction, with a "spotlight on the music of Willie Nelson", demonstrates why I'm not getting the new show. I didn't want a local talk/music show, I wanted a good local sports show. And when I think of Bucky Goldboldt, I don't usually think of Willie Nelson music.

Having said that, Bucky and Bob is still miles better than the aural abortion that is the Charlie Hodge Halftime Show on KLBJ-FM. I don't think I've heard anything more painful to listen to than Hodge interacting with the brain-dead callers he seems to attract, and that includes (Dead) Air America. Good Lord, is it bad.

So, in other words, Austin radio has gotten even worse than before. I hadn't thought it was possible. Maybe this explains why I've gotten more into downloading podcast shows from other cities (such as Tony Kornheiser, and I'm giving Adam Corolla a shot as well).

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