Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Unleash The Flash Mob!

The Olympics is usually of little to no interest to me - I suppose if I cared about track-and-field or diving or hockey or skiing more, I might make an effort to track down coverage of those events, but I don't, so I don't. And the televised coverage is an endless series of "up close and personal" stories about "overcoming tragedy" and such, occasionally interrupted by figure skating. It's basically the Oprah version of sports.

So the selection of China as the host of this year's Olympics didn't really phase me much. But the professional protest class has finally figured out that even though China is closer to that Communist ideal than America, they still aren't actually very nice. And they've decided to channel their flair for meaningless gestures to disrupting the Olympic torch as it makes its way through Europe.

Now, nobody can put together meaningless clown shows like San Francisco. Just a casual glance through the photojournalism blog of Zombie shows that when somebody really offends them (by doing things like, say, recruiting Marines or not riding their bicycles), the fine, patriotic folks of the Bay Area can get a flash mob around to disrupt the few people that are actually trying to get things done.

So now that the torch is preparing to wind its way through San Francisco, folks are worried that there will be disruptions. Not me - I'm worried that our moonbats are not going to do enough to be able to match up to the French. Come on, California - now's the time I want to see some real action out of you people. Don't let us down!

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