Monday, June 9, 2008

Santa Jobs Is Coming To Town

The (as yet incomplete) latest set of goodies from Apple is now out. The next-generation iPhone has now been announced, with a full SDK, downloadable apps, faster internet and a cheaper price. That last is kind of important to me, mainly because I'm pretty damn cheap. I can afford $400 for a phone - I just couldn't get myself to actually pay $400 for a phone. Now that it's down to $200, it suddenly becomes a lot more tempting. Mobile Me (aka .Mac version 2.0) still doesn't have any real appeal to me.

But I probably still won't pull the trigger for a while - I still have a year left on my current contract, and given that I'm still planning on making the HDTV plunge at some point in the near future (with the accompanying more-expensive service charges), I'm not especially eager to increase the amount of my monthly phone bill, as well. (As I mentioned, I'm cheap.)

There haven't been a lot of Mac OS X or Mac hardware announcements yet (although it's early in the conference) - I'm hoping for something of interest there, as my PowerMac G5 is now starting to get shut out of updates, and I suspect the next major OS release will be Intel-only. Problem is, I don't really want an all-in-one unit, but the Mac mini seems to be a little underneath what I would like. Apple doesn't really have a box sitting in the middle price range there that isn't an iMac. Maybe a MacBook would be the answer?

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