Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It Takes A Village To Specify A Child

So the Europeans have finally decided to do something about their terrible racism problem.

Among toddlers.

This isn't that surprising; the EU is quickly becoming the centre for feel-good bureaucratic nonsense such as this. I'm surprised they only managed to come up with 366 pages worth of definition of what it means to be a racist three-year old.

I'm expecting San Francisco to do better. They need to write at least 450 pages of specifications for the perfect multicultural child. That is, if there are any children left in San Francisco to which it can be applied.

Austin, of course, being the jealous type, will put together a committee to come up with its own version, but I doubt they'll even manage 100 pages.

Exit Question: Does this mean the end for Mr. Yuk?

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