Sunday, July 13, 2008


You know, sometimes it seems liberals just can't leave anything alone. There are a few buzzwords guaranteed to send them over the edge into irrationality.

One of the best ones is "Fox News". Anything remotely related always brings out the best in them, starting with "Faux News" and eventually moving into the Nazi comparisons. Protein Wisdom is highlighting one particular nasty variant of this behavior, the glee with which those on the left celebrate the deaths of those they don't agree with.

This weekend, the target is Tony Snow, former Fox News anchor and White House spokesman who just lost a several-year battle with colon cancer. The old adage is: if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything.

Guess they didn't get the memo over at Daily Kos.

But now I've seen that there is no target too small for the righteous soldiers of the left. I don't have an iPhone or iPod Touch - it's a little more phone than I need right now - but I am interested in the tech side of things, and of course I'd like to see Apple continue to prosper. So I was browsing around the new iPhone App Store to see what kinds of things were available. That's when I stumbled upon this app:

FOX News UReport

FOX News wants YOU to report the news. The uReport Application for iPhone allows you to do just that. You can easily take or select pictures of news happening around you and send them directly to FOX News Channel from your iPhone. If we determine your submission is newsworthy, your photo could appear online or even on air!

Admittedly not much of an app. I don't know anything about the iPhone SDK, but I'd imagine with the appropriate APIs this app probably didn't take more than about ten minutes to write up. I don't watch much Fox News, so I don't know if they have show segment dedicated to this kind of user content (although I'd be reluctant to have my TV show dependent on cell phone photos). But hey, at least it's a little visibility.

Of course, in the minds of some, it's a little too much visibility. Already, the review section for the app has been spammed with ad hominem reviews from folks that clearly aren't reviewing the app. A sample:

This is not news, it is neo-conservative propaganda, lies, sexism, racism, homophobia.

This applications does not work as advertising, instead shows me propaganda.

FOX newz [sic] is great entertainment news. These quasi journalist [sic] work hard to keep a straight face when they go out to report the same thing they reported the day before.

Ah, well - never pass up another opportunity to speak Truth To Power! Or something.

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