Monday, October 13, 2008

Fantasy Football: Week 6 Recap

Back on top, baby.

Just as my Longhorns took over the #1 spot in the polls for the first time in a long time, so too did my money league team return to its early dominating ways. Jay Cutler had his second average week in a row, but Andre Johnson had his second big week in a row. But the MVP of the week goes to Thomas Jones of the Jets, who finally showed something in racking up 28 points with three touchdowns. Throw in a defensive TD by the Bucs, and I know I've got a good week going. All told, the Chads ran to a league-high 151 points, easily outpacing the 80 points put up by my opponent. Now 5-1 and with the highest point total in the league (which is the first tiebreaker).

My ESPN team, meanwhile, limped to a win, currently leading 81-70 with Eli Manning left to go tonight. I gave Julius Jones a shot this week, so of course he came up with only 44 yards, and Jason Witten had an uncharacteristic bad game. But still good enough to pick up the win, which takes them to 5-1 as well, tied for first place in the division.

The sad Fox autodraft team continued its mediocre ways, as well, currently losing 115 to 75, with more opponent scoring possible tonight. Tomlinson continued to be just OK, and he has no support in the other RB spot, this week with Jerious Norwood (37 yards, 1 fumble) acting as the black hole in my lineup this week. This group falls to 3-3 on the year, still in the running for the playoffs, but really not competing for the title.

Finally, my suicide points league barely squeaked into the positive, picking up 2 points on Minnesota over Detroit. However, my two closest competitors got -2 points with the Redskins losing to the Rams, so it's still a net positive week. My 45 point lead is still looking strong.

We're just coming up to the half-way point of the season, so if my money league team can pick up a few more wins, we can start thinking about clinching a playoff spot soon. Hopefully.

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