Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fantasy Football: Week 5 Recap

The dream is over.

Much like last year's New England Patriots (except 14 weeks earlier), my money league team has finally tasted defeat. It was a team effort, as Jay Cutler finally came back down to earth, joining his continually-grounded teammate Tony Gonzalez. The only real bright spot was that Andre Johnson decided to join us here in the 2008 season, racking up 28 points and his first touchdown of the year. But my previously-winless opponent got off one of those freaky weeks, as DeAngelo Williams and Kyle Orton combined for six touchdowns, more than enough to blow me out of the water, 149 to 112. This drops me to 4-1, in a four-way tie for first place but still just barely ahead on points for the tiebreak.

My ESPN team got back on the winning track, 106 to 81. Firing on all cylinders here, as Eli Manning, Reggie Bush, Larry Fitzgerald and Randy Moss all posted big numbers, more than enough to overcome a rare off-week for Brandon Marshall. They are 4-1, tied for first in the division.

My Fox autodraft team squeaked out a victory, but just because my opponent forgot to switch out a bye player. Anyone in that spot would have helped him overcome a 60-56 deficit. Sixty points for a win is horrible - it was the third-lowest total for the week in the league, but it was still good enough for a win. Somehow this week has crept up to 3-2, and could still even make the playoffs.

Finally, my Suicide League points team came through big, taking Carolina with a 35-point victory over the hapless Chefs. This extends my lead to a whopping 42 points - truly a butt-whooping in progress here.

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