Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Movie Review: The Bourne Ultimatum

Just a quickie, as I'm still working (yeah, STILL) on tiling. But in between I found time to clear this movie off of the Tivo.

It's the least of the Bourne films, but still a decent action flick. I don't know that I remember Bourne actually issuing any ultimatums, though. This one largely dispenses with the intrigue aspects of the previous two, as it's pretty much Jason Bourne plowing his way through multiple assassins in a straight line to find out more info about himself. And when he gets there, we discover...well, we pretty much knew most of it anyway. Bourne also is a bit schizophrenic here - sometimes he's really clever, like how he manages to crack a safe. But sometimes he's really stupid, like immediately after when he taunts his pursuers too soon, giving them time to tighten their nets. So, really, this one ends up being all about the action sequences.

See what I did there - Bourne, schizophrenic...yeah, I guess you had to be there.

They mostly deliver. The biggest downside is the same one from the previous film - Paul Greengrass's Incredible ShakyCam. It's a shame, because I think most of the action sequences here were good enough in terms of fighting, tension, choreography, etc. to stand on their own without this failed attempt to add something more by having the cameraman run along side Matt Damon jiggling his camera back and forth. But you get good hand-to-hand clashes, urban (rooftop) foot chases, a car crash scene right out of The Blues Brothers, just one good sequence after another.

Too bad there wasn't a better film to go around them. Three stars.

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