Thursday, September 4, 2008

Non-Money League #2 Draft

And this is why I hate autodraft leagues.

In retrospect, I see what I did. The Fox Sports site lets you set up your draft preferences before starting the autodraft. Any players you don't rank explicitly are supposed to be left in the pool in rank order. But I had added a bunch of RBs to my draft list and then took them back off, thinking they would return to the list in original rank order. But I think they were all added to the end of the player pool order.

As a result, I got LaDanian Tomlinson with the first pick overall...and then didn't get another running back until the twelvth round.

So basically....I'm fucked. If I hadn't drawn the number one pick and gotten LT, I might as well have packed it in. As it is, I need him to be worth about 150% of an average running back just to keep up. That, and have Ronnie Brown get hurt so that Ricky Williams takes over the full load in Miami.

Don't laugh, but here's the roster:

QB: Cutler (6.12), Gerrard (8.12), Young (10.12)
RB: Tomlinson (1.01), Ricky Williams (12.12), Norwood (13.01), Betts (14.12)
WR: Marshall (3.01), Chad Johnson (4.12), Holmes (5.01), Roy Williams (7.01)
TE: Winslow (2.12), Daniels (9.01)
D: Dallas (11.01)
K: Kaeding (15.01)

So what went wrong? How about everything:

* Three backup or RBBC running backs. We start two, so I'm basically down a man every week.
* TE in the second round? And another in the ninth? Sheesh.
* Three quarterbacks? Don't need 'em.

What went right?

* Well, my WR corps is not too bad, and I'm gonna need a lot of production from them.
* Yeah, I overpaid for Winslow, but I think I got a good TE.
* I'm still fairly high on Cutler (but sixth round is also overpaid).
* Cowboys and Kaeding are good pickups for those slots.

Can I save this team? Depends on if I can swing a trade for an RB upgrade, or else hope that one of my backup guys suddenly becomes a starter.

So, in my three teams, I've got one mediocre one and two stinkers. Sigh - it's gonna be a long fantasy football season.

On the other hand....IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON, BABY!

Edit: In a feeble upgrade, I've dropped Owen Daniels to claim Maurice Morris, who has just been named starter in a weak RBBC situation in Seattle. Another half-timer for my roster.

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