Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fantasy Football: Week 1 Recap

It's good to be da king. At least for one week.

My Money League team managed to not only pull out a victory late Monday night, but also to get the league's high-point total for the week (alas, no bonus payout for that). In fact, it could have been better - GB kicker Mason Crosby had a short field-goal attempt blocked just before halftime, and Jay Cutler ended up with 299 yards passing, one short of picking up a five-point bonus for getting to 300 yards. So eight relatively easy points missed out, but I'm not complaining, since I didn't need 'em this week.

Really, the only negative on the roster this week was Wes Welker - not surprising after Tom Brady's sudden disappearance. I'll have to keep an eye on that situation - it may mean either bringing in Detroit RB Kevin Smith more often, or looking to pick up a good free agent WR somewhere.

But not Eddie Royal - he got snapped up by next week's opponent. Having the Cutler-to-Royal hookup would have been nice. But at least my starting Cutler will negate some of Royal's value, and of course, Brandon Marshall returns next week to leech some of Royal's opportunities.

Meanwhile, my ESPN team coasted to an easy 100-72 victory - also high score for the week. Reggie Bush was the standout on this squad, and Eddie Royal was sitting on the bench - hey, I've got Royal and Marshall on this team. How'd that happen? My pickup of Maurice Morris seems to be a bust, but it does help his teammate, Julius Jones.

Finally, my joke autodraft team over on Fox limped home, as expected. I needed Tomlinson to have a big day, but 97 yards and no TDs does not count, and Ricky Williams also disappointed. I would have been better off with Jerious Norwood, but that's going to be the problem with this group - which of my three loser backup RBs to start along with Tomlinson each week? Oh, and a big bust from Ocho Cinco didn't help either.

So a 2-1 start on the year, with both wins holding promise for the future. A good start.

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