Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fantasy Football: Week 4 Recap

Well, we survived the bye week.

Week 4 was set up to be the week where my money league roster took the big hit from players on bye. Despite that, I still managed to pull out a narrow 124.22 - 117.30 victory. Fantasy football is strange - you don't expect to be watching Monday Night Football wondering if some guy named Le'Ron McClain is going to get 25 points to beat you. Since he only managed 17 (thanks to a dinged up Willis McGahee), I'm now up to 4-0, the only undefeated team.

The season-long trends continue. Jay Cutler continues to be The Man, posting 22 points despite losing and committing several turnovers. Marshawn Lynch continues to be a serviceable RB1, and Santana Moss continues his explosive ways. Darren Sproles once again proved to be a big WW pickup in this return yards league. However, Andre Johnson and Thomas Jones are now both officially on the "Oh Crap" list - both of their QBs had big days, but neither Johnson nor Jones were at all involved in the offense, and haven't been for a couple of weeks now. If they don't start getting the ball more, I'm going to be in big trouble down the stretch.

Meanwhile, a change of fortune for my other two teams. The ESPN team faltered, losing 102-82. Kurt Warner proved to be an anemic replacement for Eli Manning on his bye week, and Reggie Bush might as well have taken the week off, posting only 38 yards. They're now 3-1 and tied for first in the division.

My Fox Sports autodraft team managed to pick up a win, however, as LT finally showed up after a few weeks of lackluster performances. The Cutler-Marshall combo is also paying big dividends. Somehow this sorry lot has scraped up to 2-2 on the year, and they're still in contention.

I even managed to pull my way back up to the top of my Suicide League points league, as Buffalo grabbed a 17-point win over the Rams. All-in-all, not a bad week. Let's keep things rolling next week, guys.

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