Monday, September 15, 2008

Fantasy Football: Week 2 Recap

Well, the week isn't quite over yet, but I managed to pick up a ticket to tonight's Dallas-Philly game (road trip!), and all of my fantasy games are pretty much decided already. So...

It's still good to be da king!

My money league team will have to settle for second-highest score this week. But since my opponent is only the third-highest scorer...well, you see where I'm going with this. Jay Freaking Cutler continues to dominate, getting four TDs and a yardage bonus for the second straight week. A last second pull of Andre Johnson due to Hurricane Ike meant starting Santana Moss, who only managed to put up 37 points of his own. The only down side was an injury to Justin Fargas. I don't know his status, but I've got plenty of backups (Kevin Smith, Ahmad Bradshaw, and the newly added Darren Sproles). So I'm looking pretty happy, although I may also need to pick up a QB backup at some point (currently have Vince Young). 2-0 and looking strong.

My ESPN team will likely have its second straight week as the league's high scorer, and I still have Jason Witten to play tonight. Big games from Reggie Bush, Brandon Marshall (and this isn't even a PPR league) and Eli Manning led the way. The Tom Brady injury is really downgrading Randy Moss, though - going to be hard to get first-round production out of him this year. Even Earnest Graham pulled his weight! Firing on all cylinders here - this team is the class of the league and it isn't close.

As for the much maligned Fox Sports autodraft team, they managed to pull through thanks to some stupidity on the part of one of my fellow owners. Somebody saw that pathetic Raiders performance last week and decided to drop....Darren McFadden? Yeah, I'm playing with a bunch of sharks here. I managed to win the waivers battle for him, and plugged him in place of Ricky Williams. 164 yards later and I've got the win, and thank God because I was counting on LaDanian to pull this team - now he's got one of those nagging toe injuries that will probably keep him in the starting lineup but playing poorly all year long. Oh, and I started both Cutler and Brandon Marshall - that combo worked out well. I don't know if it will last, but I'll take 1-1 for this squad.

So, a 3-0 week, the money league team keeps looking great, and I'll cap it off with a trip to Texas Stadium tonight.

Yep, life is good sometimes.

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