Thursday, October 22, 2009

Enter The Return Of The Son Of The Jackie Chan Film Festival

Way back in the depths of history, I decided to finally plow through my nearly complete collection of Jackie Chan DVDs. So I scheduled my own personal Jackie Chan Film Festival, and I've been posting my reviews of the films as I go. I got off to a pretty good start, but things stalled out a couple of months ago. Now, I'm going to try to resume the viewing and reviewing.

But first, a recap - here are all of the Jackie Chan films I've reviewed so far, in chronological order:

Master With Cracked Fingers - 2 stars
Eagle Shadow Fist - 1 star
New Fist Of Fury - 1 star
The Killer Meteors - 2 stars
Shaolin Wooden Men - 3 stars
To Kill With Intrigue - 1 star
Half A Loaf Of Kung Fu - 1 star
Magnificent Bodyguards - 3 stars
Snake And Crane Arts Of Shaolin - 2 stars
Snake In Eagle's Shadow - 3 stars
Drunken Master - 4 stars
Spiritual Kung Fu - 1 star
Fearless Hyena - 2 stars
Battle Creek Brawl - 2 stars
Dragon Lord - 2 stars
Winners And Sinners - 1 star
Project A - 5 stars
Wheels On Meals - 3 stars
Police Story - 4 stars
Heart Of Dragon - 2 stars
The Protector - 2 stars
My Lucky Stars - 2 stars
Project A Part 2 - 3 stars
Armour Of God - 2 stars
Police Story Part 2 - 4 stars
Twin Dragons - 3 stars
New Police Story - 4 stars
The Myth - 3 stars
Rob-B-Hood - 3 stars
The Forbidden Kingdom - 4 stars

Whew - but, I've still got a bunch to go. Here are all of the Chan films not included above, with boldface indicating the films I intend to review. The non-boldface films are ones I've seen before and don't particularly need to see again, but I may get to them if I have some spare time:

Dragons Forever
The Prisoner
Operation Condor
City Hunter
Crime Story
Drunken Master 2
Rumble In The Bronx
Jackie Chan's First Strike
Mr. Nice Guy
Who Am I?
Rush Hour
Shanghai Noon
Rush Hour 2
The Accidental Spy
The Tuxedo
The Medallion
Shanghai Knights
Around The World In 80 Days
Rush Hour 3


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