Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Noticed In Sports Illustrated

Two notes from this past week's SI:

Maybe you've found yourself wondering, while watching the Olympic halfpipe every four years: Where can they possibly take the sport from here?

No, that actually wasn't what I was wondering. What I was wondering is: who the heck considers this an actual sport? This is the Winter Olympics desperately trying to be something besides just a figure skating exhibition by bringing in another X-Games "sport" under its banner.

The incident [an auto accident] marked the fourth fatality since the [Dakar Rally] off-road race moved to South America amidst terrorist concerns last year and at least the 50th death since the event's inception in 1979.

Let me get this straight - they've held this thing for 30 years and killed 50 people? More than one person each year dies - because of a road race? This seems like a good thing to consider canceling.

But what do I know?

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