Friday, January 8, 2010

Post-Game Reaction

Well, that sucked.

It's unfortunate that Colt McCoy's legacy, as writ by ESPN, the Worldwide Leader In Tim Tebow Coverage, will likely be almost losing to Nebraska and getting knocked out of the BCS game last night, rather than the last four years of greatness (most victories in history - yes, even more than Saint Tim). But just as Vince Young has already eclipsed the last golden boy, Matt Leinart, in the NFL, I suspect Colt's pro career will easily overshadow that of Timmy.

Otherwise, it's clear that the better team won. You can't blame all of the dropped passes, stupid penalties and blown run defenses on Colt's absence. Texas gave them every opportunity to win, and Alabama did what champions do - they took them. We had to force them into a passing game on offense, and instead they ran whenever they wanted to. I didn't think they would be able to do it, but they sure did.

Gary Gilbert looks like a winner, but we knew that already. What it will come down to next year is - can we get back any kind of running game to go along with him, or are we going to remain a one- or two-player offense for the next three years. We got lucky with Major, Vince and Colt; asking the football gods to do it yet again for us is probably pushing our luck.

So - with the volleyball team losing its championship hopes last month, that gives Texas two silver medals and no golds. Next up - men's basketball. Hook 'em!

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