Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Great Ideas In Broadcasting

The Science Channel (which, of course, features less and less actual science content each week) has apparently decided to rename itself.

To Science.

In how many ways is this dumb? Too many to count, but the first one to occur to me is - won't this change make it harder to search for content on their website via search engines? You've just changed your name to a generic word, and not one (like Apple or Windows) that you already have a large web presence in.

Oh, and then there's this: "The [new] interactive logo, called 'Morph,' will change shape, texture and sound to represent 'the potential of the future while displaying a willingness to reshape current reality.'" I'm guessing someone doesn't know what the word interactive means; they most likely meant dynamic or something similar. If I can somehow affect the behavior of their on-screen bug with my remote, I'll be mighty impressed.

But it gets even better: "Dropping 'Channel' from the network name was done to better reflect the new programming launched in the first quarter like An Idiot Abroad and Firefly that are on the edges of science, says Debbie Adler Myers, executive VP and general manager of Science."

You are going to 'the edges of science' (whatever that means), and you can better indicate that by....removing all words except Science from your name?

Well, all they had to do was be less stupid than Syfy, so....mission accomplished.

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