Thursday, April 14, 2011

Morning Constitutional

On the idiot convention that is C-SPAN's Washington Journal, I've already heard two callers on the Democrat line describe themselves as poor, wondering why the evil rich guys won't pay their fair share. Putting aside the stupidity of their assertion that "the rich" aren't paying enough (when the top 1% pays over 40% of the income tax), my first thought was...if you are poor, how on earth are you watching C-SPAN?

The C in C-SPAN stands for Cable. It is a cable channel. You must pay someone - Time Warner, Comcast, AT&T, whoever - a monthly subscription fee in order to watch it. And it isn't a trivial amount, it's at least $20 a month and probably much more.

If you are spending money on cable television, you are not poor. Cable television is not a basic fundamental right, it is not a basic utility like electricity or water. It is a luxury.

Obama (and Democrats in general) want to redefine poor upwards - to have more people believe themselves to be incapable of supporting themselves without help from the government. Multiple cars, a house, cable TV, high-speed internet - these are all things that "the poor" have to have, meaning (a) if you don't have them, the government has to supply them, and (b) even if you do have them, you still should consider yourself as wards of the government. Those are both ruinous ideas for the long-term financial viability of the country.

If you call up C-SPAN and complain about being one of "the poor" that need Obama to reach into my wallet to keep you afloat....well, now I know you are full of it.

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