Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fantasy Football: Week 3 Recap

Finally, a good week - all four teams got victories. My money league team benefited primarily from a career week by Dallas Cowboys WR Patrick Crayton, allowing the Hanging Chads to pull out a 16-point victory. Lee Evans finally made a non-trivial appearance, as well. A lot of teams in that league had very low scoring weeks, with QBs like McNabb, Rivers and Alex Smith all pulling in less than one point each. This only gets me up to 1-3, but at least I'm off the floor.

My Yahoo league team continued its dominance, going to 4-0. The gap has narrowed a bit, although I'm still the highest-scoring team in the league. Jon Kitna had another good week, and Cleveland's Braylon Edwards showed up big.

My NFL league team pulled out a narrow victory to even their record at 2-2, now one game back from the division lead. This is very much an average team - not the most points, not the least points. With Steven Jackson out, this team probably won't get a lot of traction, so hopefully he'll be back soon.

And my ESPN league team pulled out a close five-point win to move to 3-1, also one game back. Carson Palmer and Travis Henry were the big stars here - and Henry may be injured now. So hopefully, he'll be back soon as well to keep things rolling.

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