Friday, October 19, 2007

They Finally Did It

It took a while, but I finally saw the moron callers on C-SPAN Washington Journal piss off the host. I don't know all these guys names, but they try so, so hard to keep things going on these shows in the face of the endless stream of stupidity coming at them from their phone lines. This morning's guest was Michael Ledeen, speaking about the possibility of internal revolution in Iran. Just about every caller, on all three lines, talking about "the Zionists" or "the Jews" or "fighting for Isreal". The problem is - they did so without even listening to what Ledeen was saying. He explicitly rejected calls for military action against Iran during that interview. But just about every caller accused Ledeen of trying to stir up support for "another war in support of the Zionists". By the end of the interview, the host was finally fed up enough to start cutting off callers and finally hanging up on them.

The thing is - today wasn't that much different than most other days. I wonder if these hosts might finally start realizing just what it is they're up against here.

And wow - even as I am typing - Ledeen's segment has ended and the morons are still calling up and defending all of the anti-semetism in the previous segment. Sheesh.

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