Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Looking Behind To Look Ahead

I was listening to KLBJ's Football Show podcast yesterday. Jeff and Jeff were discussing the fate of the loser of this weekend's UT-OU game. That team would be 0-2 in conference, two games back of the winner and perhaps three games back in the Big 12 South. They would definitely be out of the national championship chase and probably out of the Big 12 South chase. At that point, they would be struggling to get to the Alamo or Holiday Bowl, at best.

So I took a look at some historical records, just to see when Texas was last in this situation.

In the Big 12 race, UT has sometimes had a loss to OU, and then usually cruise a while until a late loss at Tech or A&M. In 1999, UT lost to Kansas State for their first conference loss, but went on to beat OU and Nebraska before closing out with losses to A&M, Nebraska (in the conference title game) and Arkansas (in the Cotton Bowl).

But when was the last time UT had two early conference losses? That would be 1997, when UT lost to Oklahoma State before barely beating OU, and then starting a four-game conference losing streak en route to a 4-7 finish. That was Mackovic's last year as coach.

I sure hope we are more like 1999 this year than 1997.

By the way, a UT loss would also drop them out of the Top 25. The last time they were not ranked was 2000 - surprisingly dropping out after a win. I'm looking for that string to break this season.

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