Friday, January 16, 2009

Taos Ski Vacation - Day 1

Mostly mission accomplished for the first day of my ski trip. I met all of my goals:

  1. Did not get injured.
  2. Did not run into someone else.
  3. Did not get run into.
  4. Made it down the basic green run.
This is only my third ski trip ever, and my first one in three years, so this morning was spent in ski school, relearning my snowplow and learning parallel turns. I did OK in the class, albeit with several crashes (I expect that while skiing). My group only had one other person in it, and the instructor did a pretty good job.

Unfortunately, by the afternoon, things turned worse. A combination of fatigue and somewhat harder snow conditions caused me to drop back down to rank beginner level. I hoping that the mornings will continue to be easier for me on the next two days, and that I can get my "ski legs" back.

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