Monday, January 5, 2009

2008 - The Year In Movies

Well, according to my list maintained over at DVDTalk, I managed to remember to list seeing 50 new (to me) films and another 20 reruns (although I'm less strict in remembering to list them). As usual, almost all were seen on my TV, either on DVD or satellite. It looks like I only managed to catch two films in a theater all year, The Dark Knight (in IMAX) and Rambo.

The star distribution goes like this (courtesy of Google Charts):

I also managed to post 42 movie reviews to the blog this year. These various reviews are by far the most read posts here (since no one really cares that much about my tiling).

The Dark Knight
also managed to be my favorite film of the year, by a pretty long margin (The Incredibles was the only other new movie I gave five stars to). The list of one- and two-star films was bumped up a bit by my Jackie Chan Film Festival - a lot of those earlier films were just brutal - but the only film on my list I just flat gave up on watching was Lucky Number Slevin, and so it gets the nod as the worst film I saw, err, tried to see.

Speaking of the Festival, it really suffered along with my blogging during the last few months. Work and home (like the never-ending tiling, which may actually end soon) kept eating into my movie-watching time. My schedule had 31 films listed, and I have only made it through 13 of them so far. I may finish this up around, say, 2020.

Now it's onto a new year of staying away from the theaters. Hopefully, this year I'll get to enjoy movies on a new large HDTV set. But in any event, I'll be tracking all of the movies again this year over on DVDTalk.

Spoiler: the first movie for the year is already there, and we're not off to a good start.

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