Thursday, February 7, 2008

Movie Review: Rambo

Not a lot to say about this one - a tight little film, two parts setup and one part explosions. There weren't any twists or surprises, not even of the basic Rambo II type ("I'm coming to get you!"). Just a resigned Rambo, seeing exactly what's coming ahead, and then dealing with it in the patented Rambo way - with a large caliber weapon. If there's a way to break a body into two or more pieces, this movie had it - holes punched through bodies by bullets, heads blown off, arms chopped off, landmine fu - you name it, it showed it. I'm just amazed the film got an R rating. It didn't quite get up into Saving Private Ryan territory, just because Stallone had a fraction of Spielberg's budget - some of the CGI blood-and-guts had the zippers showing, so to speak.

I will say one thing - this film definitely made me cross Burma off my vacation list. Don't know how realistic the film was, but the thought of people living like that is truly depressing - and I'm talking about the Burmese soldiers here.

As for the film, three stars - it delivered what you expected, but no more.

Oh, and Lionsgate? I know you're probably just going off of the title Clive Barker gave you, but I'm sure your ad wizards could have come up with a better title than The Midnight Meat Train for the film whose trailer I saw before Rambo.

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