Thursday, February 21, 2008


I'm not in marketing, but I am in a market. When I'm looking to buy a product, I consider things like functionality, price, appearance, "cool factor", and so on.

I don't usually consider whether there's a woman on the board of directors.

I think diversifying their board will help Apple better reach its vast female audience.

I think I've seen this sentiment expressed elsewhere, and it's just silly. Is increased diversity on the Apple Board of Directors a good thing? Yeah - all other things being equal, it's probably a benefit. A woman just for the sake of having a woman on board isn't a good thing, but clearly Ms. Jung is well-qualified for this kind of position.

But the thought that only a woman can sell to women? About as stupid as voting for Hillary just because she's a woman, or Obama just because he's black, or McCain just because he's a crusty old white guy.

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