Monday, February 25, 2008

A Shiny Apple

Tax time is about the only time I take more than a cursory look at my investments. My advisor calls me more often than I call him, just to see if there is anything I need, which there usually isn't. But when I get the 1099's and have to start plugging stuff into TurboTax, that's when I get to see a few highlights.

Such as AAPL.

My managed accounts sold Apple, Inc. stock six times in 2007. The sales were for $84, $93, $112, $120, $145 and $185, respectively. Not a bad run for Apple.

Those shares were bought back in 2004. The purchase price? $13.52 and $22.41. So the value of those shares only went up sixfold.

Last year wasn't a great year overall for stocks. But AAPL did just fine, thanks.

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