Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Compromise, Liberal-Style

KLBJ Interview with Hope Morrison, Responsible Growth For Northcross (RG4N):

Sentence 1: RG4N wants to work with Wal-Mart and the City of Austin to come up with a solution all sides can agree with.

Sentence 2: When asked what store hours would be acceptable to RG4N, she replies that they feel a SuperCenter is incompatible with the neighborhood. Period.

So - how exactly are they planning on coming up with a compromise that involves not building a Wal-Mart? Brilliant.

Oh, and they're planning a lawsuit, but won't admit to actually having funding to do it. Good luck with that.

Guys - your lawsuit will get laughed out of court, Wal-Mart will make whatever minimal changes they feel like (they've already reduced the hours the store will be open), and the store will be built and will be successful. Wal-Mart didn't get to be the largest retailer in the world by not knowing exactly what kind of revenue they will be seeing at a given location.

The vast majority of people who will stand by any boycotts, protests, or whatever you people cook up would never enter a Wal-Mart anyway, and the vast majority of people who shop at Wal-Mart aren't interested at tilting at your personal windmills.

Finally, KLBJ has been running calls from people who let the mask slip - they don't want "that kind of people" in their neighborhoods, "kidnapping their children" (a caller actually said that), and so on. So much for the compassionate liberal, looking out for the little guy.

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