Friday, March 30, 2007

TV Review: Lost: Expose

Well, damn.

If there was any doubt that the Lost writers know how to screw around with their audience, this episode was it. They've been teasing us withe periodic glimpses of these two new characters, giving them lines leading to goofy nicknames like "the toilet guy". And now it is revealed that (probably) the only reason we've been seeing these characters at all was to set up this bizarre little morality play, Lost-style. Even the only reason the male was named Paolo was to set up the pun on "Paolo lied" vs "paralyzed". These writers are devious and patient.

A dangerous combination.

Having said all that, this actually was an entertaining show even before the shocker at the end. I tend to enjoy these eps where the flashbacks are on the island - partly because it's interesting to see writers approaching the same events from multiple perspectives, partly because it gives me hope that the writers actually do have some kind of plan, and partly because it takes me back to when the show was good (just kidding - I mean consistently good). Yeah, it was filler, but for a change, it was good filler.

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