Monday, April 2, 2007

Stuff and Things...and Things

  • Another disastrous show for Bailey, as the fUtility tour continues. This time, we were in Navasota. I had forgotten that this show was held in the Grimes County Expo Center, otherwise known as a livestock barn, with a dirt floor saturated with great smells. It was covered, but the sides were open, and a torrential rainstorm that came through Friday night left the barn floor a soupy, muddy mess. The show organizers were scrambling when I arrived to move rings around so they weren't located in the middle of a bog.

    Once again, Bailey's nose got her into trouble. When she found a good area to sniff around, she locked onto it completely, ignoring anything I was doing. The only thing she managed to do was the Moving Stand exercise, because it is the only exercise where I'm no more than ten feet away from her at all times. She can do all of these exercises at the training site and at home, but she is completely lost once we get into a strange environment. I've got to find a way to fix this.

  • While the show itself was a disaster, at least the drive between Austin and Navasota was nice. The wildflowers are out in mass, with some very nice displays around Elgin and Brenham. I found a relatively safe space to pull over a grab a few pictures with Bailey:

  • I managed to come in third place in the office pool this year, which is a nice way of saying I AM A LOSER. I hung in until the Final Four, getting knocked out with Georgetown's loss on Saturday. Amazingly, nobody in our pool picked Florida to win it.

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