Wednesday, April 4, 2007

TV Review: The Shield - On The Jones


The Shield sure didn't take any time getting right back into the swing of things. It's amazing how much stuff they managed to fit into an hour (well, an hour and a few minutes overrun). They dropped the bomb on Shane that Lem's murder was for nothing, got Kavanaugh almost kicked out the door twice, had Kavanugh set up Vic for a fall twice, Dutch's mass murder discovery, Claudette already being on the outs with the brass, a near catfight between Vic's ex and his lover, Shane almost offing himself twice,...

It's no wonder Billings wasn't missed at work that day.

Two little things stood out. First, when the Strike Team found the man killed by his roommate, Vic says "If this is what his friend did to him I'd hate to meet his enemy." - and the camera caught Shane in the background giving himself another mental punishment over what he did to his friend.

Second, Aceveda stays true to his nature - he accuses Vic of blaming everyone but himself for what happened to Lem - and then when Vic asks if he is going to throw Lem's reputation under the bus, he says he is just following orders. What a slime.

There's no way Shane makes it through this season. I hope he got Lem's ulcer prescription before tossing the grenade, because it's clear Shane doesn't quite have enough stomach for what he's gotten into this time.

With the large dip in the quality of Lost and the smaller dip for 24, this is now the best show going for me. I hope they can keep it rolling - but given what the writers have done in past seasons, I'm not too worried.

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