Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Morning Constitutional IV

Via Michelle Malkin, an article from (where else?) San Francisco about moonbats, err, conscientious patriots who are refusing to pay their income taxes to protest the war. O.K., whatever - most of the people cited in the article are 65 and over who probably pay little anyway, and if these morons feel they're Speaking Truth To Power, then fine. They can have their little protest, they won't actually be negatively affecting our war effort, and when they get caught, their relatives will have the pleasure of dealing with outstanding liens against their estates once they've passed beyond the reach of the earthly authorities.

But the reason this counts as a Morning Constitutional is because it includes the story of this moron:

Some war tax resisters will go to extremes to avoid breaking the law without compromising their convictions. For example, David Gross, 37, of San Francisco took a pay cut so he would fall below the tax line.

"I started with the invasion of Iraq," Gross said. "I was having a real hard time with the money that already went toward missiles and I knew that some of it was mine."

Four years ago, Gross was managing a group of technology writers at a software company, making close to $100,000 a year. He approached his human resources department about taking a pay cut so that his income would fall below the tax line and exempt him from paying federal taxes. His company refused, so he quit.

Today, Gross said, he makes about $28,000 doing contract work. He has moved some of that money into an individual retirement account and a health savings account, bringing his take-home pay to $15,000 and allowing him to avoid taxes.

The adjustment to his lifestyle has been much easier than he thought, Gross said. He now lives in an apartment in San Francisco's Richmond District and cooks at home a lot.

"For me, I don't feel like I've made sacrifices," he said. "The life I live now is more fulfilling than I had before."

OK - first off, this guy ain't living in San Francisco on $15K take-home per year, unless he is sharing his apartment with about 25 others. And he's not cooking at home a lot - he's cooking a lot of Top Ramen at home a lot. And of course, at this level his "fulfilling" life he is living is likely due to generous city, state and federal assistance. Most of this comes off the back of the California middle and upper class, who continue to not only put up with this kind of crap, but actively vote to expand it.

I will never understand it - California is a nice enough place to visit, but why on God's Green Earth would anybody making above minimum wage want to live there? It is just financially stupid compared to almost everywhere else in the country.

So because of the evil BushCheneyHalliburtonExxonRoveMcChimpy War Machine, he decides to go from a $100K / year job (which in San Francisco is barely enough to be middle class - and I'm going to go out on a limb and assume this guy is single) to scratching out a much more meager existence.

Wow - way to Stick It To The Man.

Don't worry, moron - we're working to save the country for the likes of you, too. You're welcome.