Monday, April 30, 2007

Feeling A Little Draft

I didn’t watch much of the NFL draft, since I was out at the EDS Byron Nelson Tournament most of the day Saturday and was driving to Austin on Sunday. But I did see a couple of interesting points from the first round:

The Happy Surprise Award: Brady Quinn dropping to the 22nd pick (Cleveland)

I don’t really know much about Brady Quinn – except that he is the Notre Dame quarterback. Therefore, I hate him more than anyone else on Earth. Well, no. Not really. But seeing an Irish QB projected at one point to perhaps be the number one drop down into the twenties is the best QB drop story since Chris Simms. And since the Cowboys got Cleveland’s first round pick next year as part of the deal, I even get to root against Quinn and Cleveland with a clear conscious next season.

The Unhappy Surprise Award: Anthony Gonzalez at the 32nd pick (Indianapolis)

Forget about Ted Ginn – this is the man at “An” Ohio State University. He absolutely torched the Longhorns at their game in Austin last year. And now he gets to be the number three receiver on the Colts with Peyton Manning throwing to him. Wow – the rich really get richer here.

The Suck-Up Award: Michael Griffin at the 19th pick (Tennessee)
Our local CBS affiliate pretty much gave up on the hapless Texans midway through last season, and with good reason. They passed up on local hero Vince Young for “Super” Mario, and promptly went out and had another lousy season. So what did KEYE-TV do? They decided to pick up Tennessee Titan games once they dropped Billy Volek for Vince, and went on their impressive season-closing streak. They also had well-regarded Bo Scaife as a backup tight-end. Adding a third Longhorn to the lineup will only help solidify the Titans as Austin’s second-favorite team (behind the Cowboys).

As for the Cowboys, I don’t know anything about this Spencer guy, but if he is a pass-rush stud as advertised, then I’m relatively happy. I always like to see a strong pass-rush. And if Jerry Jones can hit a home run with next year’s two first-round picks, then they’ll be well-set into the future.

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