Tuesday, March 20, 2007

TV Review: 24 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Another week, another so-so hour. Again, I can't really label this show as bad, but it clearly isn't up to last year's standards.

  • Watching Jack save the day by struggling with a foreign terrorist - good. Watching Jack save the day by struggling with a force-feedback joystick - not so good.
  • When I saw Powers Boothe was going to have a role as the VP, I knew he was going to be the contrarian, "evil" VP character. But frankly, they're writing and playing him far too broadly - Boothe has jumped way over the caricature line with his portrayal. It's just not believable that he and Wayne Palmer would work at all as a set of running mates. I'm about ready for that particular story arc to wind up - and I'm not especially pleased to see the First Sister waiting in the wings either.
  • I can only assume that Audrey's fate was brought up here to act as the setup for the much-rumored 24 movie - that plotline can possibly be brought into this season (can it?), and I don't see how they could build an entire season around Jack's revenge fantasy unless they decide to completely revamp the show. It would be perfect for a two-hour movie, though.
  • And what was the reason behind Jack's rib injury? Was it just to allow Doyle to handle the interrogation scene, such as it was? They aren't doing a good job of handling that character either - I think the show could use another action guy (particularly since Curtis is out), but they've handled Doyle's backstory poorly also.

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