Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fantasy Football: Week 1 Recap

The agony of close defeat.

My money league team let me down big time last night. My opponents rode the Ravens D/ST (punt return for a TD and a block) and T.J. Houshmanwhatever (9 catches and a TD) to a come-from-behind victory, 135.18 to 134.70.

That's five rush yards. That's one catch. That's one freaking blocked extra point.


The main letdown for my squad was Lee Evans, with 2 catches for 5 yards. Considering I've already replaced an injured Terry Glenn with Patrick Crayton, I really can't afford to have issues with my main receiver. The Bills need to find their offense in a hurry.

Elsewhere, my Yahoo team dominated, scoring thirty more points than the next closest team in winning 112-59. Kitna, Plaxico and the Vikings all came up big, and I could have scored even more points had I started Eli Manning instead of Kitna.

My ESPN team held on to win 112-91. My Randy Moss concerns were held off for one week in a big way, and Kitna came through also (as mentioned earlier). Enough to overcome a good Tom Brady performance from my opponent.

My NFL autopick team came up a little short, losing 104-91. It was a subpar performance from a stud that let me down here - Steven Jackson's 61 total yards with 2 fumbles. Oh, and going up against Tony Romo didn't help either. 91 points is still the 4th highest, so not time to panic yet.

So, a mediocre 2-2 start, plus 0-1 in my money league. Not off to a great start record wise, but assuming the Bills and Ravens can get their offenses running, I'm not ready to panic yet.

My Suicide League pick of Pittsburgh over Cleveland won, and it's 30 players moving on, 5 players eliminated. My Suicide League Points pick, Seattle over Tampa, was popular, placing me in a large group in 4th place with +14 points.

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