Monday, September 24, 2007

Where's The Shine?

It's a little bit off for the new iPod classic.
  • This is my first iPod with the shiny-metal back - and yep, despite my best efforts, it's already got some scratches. Protective case, STAT!
  • I can tell there's a hard disk in the thing, because I can hear it spin when I'm using it without listening to it. You can feel it a little bit, too. I haven't been out jogging yet, but I'll be able to tell then, I suspect.
  • A couple of sync oddities: whenever it is synching, I see a letter "P" in the title bar on the screen. What's up with that? Also, the iPod seems to go right to eject mode once it has finished with the sync, but iTunes still lists the iPod as attached.
  • CoverFlow is still pretty much useless. I suspect I'll take it off of the menu.
  • I've already had a crash. It occurred while playing the iQuiz game - maybe an issue while loading a cover?
  • Even with the update, the menus are still slower than the old mini. Don't know if they are slower than more recent iPods.
But the pros:
  • It seems to work fine with my existing car adapter, speakers and home dock (audio only). The only accessories I'll have to depart with are the remote and iTrip, both of which use the old iPod mini jack. But I don't use either of those regularly anyway.
  • I'm glad I went with the classic video screen, rather than the nano. The screen is certainly big enough for TV shows - don't know if widescreen movies will look as good.
  • Musically, no change. Still sounds fine, although I'll need to do a little playlist rearranging now that I'm carrying around 40GB of music rather than 6GB.
All in all, this is more of an evolutionary step than revolutionary - maybe I was expecting more. Once a video out solution is available, we'll see how this works as a video-to-TV solution.

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