Friday, May 30, 2008

Fierce Issues

Bad news on the Fierce Corgi front: Bailey's latest blood test shows bad BUN levels, which means kidney failure may be on the horizon. She had been stable for a while late last year, but we may be entering the endgame now. And I may get to learn the wonders of subcutaneous fluid administration! We'll be back for another check in July, so then we'll find out if this was just a temporary spike or an indication of things to come.

On the positive side, she's doing much better on her Utility training, so if she stays physically up for it, we'll be entering the upcoming trial in Dallas over the July 4th weekend. She's been working on Utility for so long, it'd really be a shame if she had to stop showing before getting a leg, so I'm really hoping for some good results this time around.

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