Thursday, May 29, 2008

Live-blogging the Lost Finale

I'm hoping for great things here, after a pretty great season.
  • Jeremy Benthem? =thumbs through mental Lost encyclopedia= Not ringing any bells here. Although the quick arrival of one of The Answers is refreshing.
  • I know it's iconic at this point, but I keep waiting for them to hide something in the opening title swoop somewhere - like The X-Files used to do.
  • that device wasn't a remote detonator, after all? Maybe it was a Smokey Repellent? And what triggers the bomb?
  • On a news promo: "The cost of solving the recycling problem here in Austin - tonight at 10." Huh? Austin has a recycling problem? What does that even mean?
  • When is Locke going to tell someone about his walking (or lack thereof)? Oh, and Locke sure sounds confident - that usually means he's about to fall on his face.
  • Uhhhh - how is freezing the battery different than removing the battery? =thumbs through mental MacGyver encyclopedia=
  • You know, Miles should be an annoying character - but I like him for some reason.
  • I know I'd want that helicopter door closed if I was sitting on the side, seat belt or no seat belt.
  • Well, well - Lost comes through with a real surprise here. Keamy (is that his name?) comes for round two. That device was a detonator; so why did he only tell Ben about it now? Wouldn't it have been better to do it earlier?
  • Wow - did we just see Ben lose control? That's only the second time I think we've seen that. And Ben's response - "So" - exactly right. Why would Keamy think Ben would care about the boat blowing up?
  • Why exactly was Charlotte on this trip again? Is she the Rousseau replacement?
  • I wonder - could they have dumped the explosives overboard? (Not that I'm expecting them to do that - that bomb's going off one way or another.)
  • "I'm telling you I don't see the boat!" "Well then keep looking!" That Jack - a font of useful advice.
  • Oh no - uh, oh. Bye Sawyer. Whew - he's still alive (for the moment).
  • Benthem's an alias? Sigh - still no straight answers.
  • Somewhere, a geek is now analyzing Hurley's chess board setup.
  • Why don't they strap the heart monitor to someone else? You know, someone who's not dying?
  • Why is Jin staying behind? To stare intelligently at the battery? I didn't know he was in management.
  • So who've we got on the chopper? All of the Oceanic 6, plus Desmond and the pilot? And that's it?
  • I'm getting flashbacks to one of the season finales of Farscape - the one where Cricton is left stranded in space when Moya disappears.
  • Surely they all saw the boat blow from the island, rignt? Yep, I guess so.
  • Looks like ABC has not one (Wipeout) but two (I Survived A Japanese Game Show) knockoffs of MXC in the works for the summer. I was wondering when that would start happening.
  • Well, shit. He did it. By turning a wheel. This show is all kinds of fucked up.
  • Jack should've said "See, I got you off the island. Happy now?"
  • I'm kind of surprised about how they decided to use Claire as some kind of "special" character here, considering how little she seems to have been used in general (except as mother of Aaron). It's kind of like choosing Rose to be important out of the blue.
  • Oh yeah - I forgot about Penny. Too many balls to keep track of here.
  • So wow - season four will be without Jin, Michael, Desmond, Ben, Frank, ...
  • Uh oh...Octogon Global Recruiting? Here goes another "Expanded Experience" full of clues that 99% of the fans won't find out about. Oh well, I'll just read the summary at the end of the game to see what I missed.
  • Just a few minutes left - they still need to tell us who's in the coffin....and well, that was the most likely choice, really, if it wasn't Ben.

So, all in all, a season finale that really didn't have too many shocks in it, at least for people that have paid attention this year. Basically all of the moving parts had been announced - time travel, the Oceanic six identities, the moving island, the bomb on the boat, Jin's death - and so things unfolded mostly as expected. Really the only surprises were Keamy's reappearance (but not his ultimate death), and the identity of Jeremy Benthem, and even those weren't huge surprises.

But man, the show made it all work, all through this season. I just can't believe how much better things went this season compared to last season - remember back when the writers just decided to get weird and obscure (Fish Biscuits, anyone)? Not too much of that this season - we kept the plotline moving along, kept the threats and pressure up, and got plenty of reveals (but not everything) of the future. And several good setups for next season as well. I'd sure like to think 24 will turn things around like this after its lackluster last season, but the signs don't point to yes.

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