Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Narrative Takes Shape

A Detroit caller to C-SPAN's Washington Journal show this morning, on the "Supports Clinton" line, stated that if Michigan delegates were not seated at the Democratic National Convention this fall, he would be voting for Senator McCain as a protest vote.

Two following callers on the "Supports Obama" line then referenced that caller, saying that there was racism involved in that decision. Even though he explicitly stated why he would vote for McCain, a reason that had nothing to do with race.

I'm afraid this is now the argument going forward. There are plenty of legitimate reasons why one might support McCain or (gulp) Clinton over Obama. But that doesn't matter - if you don't support Obama, it's because you are a racist. If you attack Obama in any way, you will be accused of racial swift-boating.

And given the formal announcement of CNN's surrender to Obamamania, it follows that the media will be more than willing to bring that argument to the masses. I don't see how McCain can possibly be subtle enough to get any reasonable arguments through this screen.

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