Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No, Really - That's Her Name

Via KLBJ-AM comes word of a survey of Austin library workers. Apparently, less than fifty percent of them feel "safe" at work.

I've been to several different library branches around the city, and I have noticed some differences. There are some, like the Milwood branch closest to me, that are in a standalone building with open parking, and tables and statues outside. Then there are others that are located inside other buildings (and so have two levels of locked doors to get through), and at least one that is surrounded by a barbed-wire fence that is locked at night.

So I can see where workers in some areas might feel unsafe.

My solution would be simple: at those branches where workers report security issues, post a police officer by the door. Leave him there for three months. If problems persist, close the branch down. Well, maybe leave it open from say, 3-6 PM for after-school use by kids, but if the kids are the problem, then just close it down completely. Libraries are a privilege, not a right, and if your neighborhood can not handle having nice things, then no nice things shall you have.

However, I didn't link to this story to rant about Austin neighborhoods. No, I linked to it because of the name of the Austin Director of Libraries.

Brenda Branch.

Hah - who says this city doesn't have a sense of humor?

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