Thursday, August 21, 2008

Austin Pays UT To Study Liars

Well, that's not exactly how it was put, but that's the net effect:
Most of the people you see holding signs at corner just want to work, according to a study conducted for the City of Austin by researchers at the University of Texas. UT Researcher Laura Lein and her staff interviewed omore than 100 people soliciting money and food at street corners in Austin.

What they found was a drive to get back to work among almost all of them.

Ahem. Bullshit. I don't believe that for a second.
But researchers also found that there are significant barriers to achieving that goal.

Yep - the fact that it is easier for them to continue their "urban outdoorsman" lifestyle than to get a job.
"Over half had some kind of health condition or other problem that was preventing them from doing at least some kinds of jobs," Dr. Lein said.

Lein says that is especially bad, considering many of them used to do physical outdoor labor but couldn’t anymore because of their physical problems. She says some also didn’t have the basic tools to get a job, including a photo ID, and no real way to get one.

Really? The reason these people don't have jobs is because they can't get a photo ID?


Please - the reason these people don't have jobs is because they don't want one. At least, not the kind they are qualified to hold. But between government, non-government and casual (ie. people giving them money at street corners) sources of charity, it's just easier for them to stand around outside for a few hours than to actually pull themselves together, get a shower, and find a freaking job.

Are there people that truly can't do for themselves? Sure there are - but you don't typically find them pacing up and down medians during red lights. They are invalids at home, or in shelters. If you can drag your body down to the I-35 service road, you can find somewhere to push a broom. Or, God forbid, actually see about improving your skill set to get a better job somewhere.

There - that's my heartless conservative bastard moment for the day.


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