Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bailey, R.I.P.

Bailey's kidney problems finally caught up with her last night. She still had not been eating or even been remotely interested in eating all day. So I had been giving her some liquid food with a syringe, just to try to get something in her. But late last night, she was having a hard time getting comfortable, kept fidgeting around. It must have been something going real bad, because later on she started to have heavy, labored breathing, and it was clear she wasn't going to make it like that until Monday when she could get to see her vet.

So we headed off to the Emergency Animal Clinic to see if anything could be done to stabilize her, to which the answer was no. As it turned out, her tongue was blue and swollen, and besides her breathing issues she was also having heart issues. It basically was just a matter of too much toxins in her system - once the kidneys stop, there's not much to be done. The doctor on duty called me over to say it was time, and she passed away pretty quietly with me next to her.

I know she had a happy time around here, but it was too bad she had so many health issues. Eight is way too young for the kind of problems she had. But I know she made the most of what she had, and I'll miss her.

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