Monday, August 11, 2008

What, No Back Massages?

Via Michelle Malkin, the Los Angeles city council has done what the Austin city council wishes it had the gumption to do - mandate home improvement stores (meaning Home Depot and Lowes) to not only provide a place for day laborers (including illegal aliens) to be picked up, but to actually make it a nice place:

The shelters would have to be easily accessible and equipped with drinking water, bathrooms, tables with seating and trash facilities.

Home-improvement stores would also be required to develop a security plan in consultation with the Los Angeles Police Department.

This was on the local Austin political radar a few years back, when a Home Depot actually had the temerity to want to exert some control over private individuals using Home Depot property for their own purposes. The sheer gall! Fortunately, the city council showed its usual amount of steadfastness by pussy-footing around, making vague threats to Home Depot, and eventually doing nothing (which is of course usually the best outcome one can expect from the Austin council).

But maybe the thought of falling behind not only San Francisco but Los Angeles (now two-for-two after the Fast Food Ban) on the Progressive Sensitivity Scale will cause local activists to try again.

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