Sunday, August 31, 2008

Non-Money League #1 Draft

Wow - really disappointed with how this draft went. I used a different set of projections than my money league. But for some reason, the WRs seemed more highly valued here, even though this isn't a PPR league and the other one was. I also ended up on the short side of the QB runs. As a result, I've got a really mediocre team, especially in a 10-team league (picking from the 7-spot).

So I'm not expecting much here. That'll teach me not to mock draft a set of projections first.

QB: Eli Manning (10.04), Kurt Warner (12.04)
RB: Reggie Bush (2.04), Earnest Graham (5.07), Julius Jones (7.07), Ricky Williams (8.04), Mercury Morris (15.07)
WR: Randy Moss (1.07), Larry Fitzgerald (3.07), Brandon Marshall (6.04), Chris Chambers (9.07), Eddie Royal (16.04)
TE: Jason Witten (4.04), Owen Daniels (14.04)
D: Jaguars (11.07)
K: Nate Kaeding (13.07)

Now I have to decide if I want to pick up a third freebie team or not. Cause I don't think following this one is going to be much fun.

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